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We're looking for a PostDoc!
If you want to be my grad student, read this: 
Note: I will ignore any email that does not include a mini-research proposal.
The Difference Between 
Association Studies 
 vs   Prediction Studies ?
5.5 minute video overviewing lab (2021)

Forecasting Covid-19  (2021)

I am fortunate to be part of a fantastic team that developed a tool, LaFoPaFo, that can accurately forecast the number of future Covid cases (and deaths), many weeks in the future. Check out the published article, and the associated popular press.

in "Discover" Magazine ! (2022)

Drs Sunil Kalmady and Russ Greiner discuss their approach to learning a model that can diagnosis schizophrenia using fMRI data (EMPaSchiz; Nature Schizophrenia); in the July/Aug 2022 issue of  Discover, as part of article about the emergence of AI in mental health care.

Five "projects to watch" in Canada (2021)

Globe & Mail .. access via CTV News.

AI & Drug Discovery (2019)
I was quoted in National Post article
"Filling in the missing pieces'': How AI is transforming drug discovery, development and innovation 

We're on German TV! (2019)
A story on this research was aired on the German national TV show "Nano" (channel 3Sat) - AI against schizophrenia

Research Panel in TWOS!  (2022)
The Telus World of Science museum has a short research panel summarizing my work ... see here

CIFAR AI Chair  (2021)

I am grateful and proud to be awarded a CIFAR AI Chair!


I am very fortunate to work with many immensely talented, and hard working, students... who recently surprised me by nominating me to receive a 2020 Great Supervisor Award

Congratulations to my Students!


Humza Haider (2020)

He has won the CAIAC "Best MSc Thesis" Award, as well as this year's CS Department "Outstanding Masters Thesis" Award!

Dr Roberto Vega (2022)

... passed his PhD exam on Monday 12/Sept, with a dissertation that is nominated for Best PhD Thesis.

Dr Negar Hassanpour (2022)

... passed her PhD exam on Monday 19/Sept, with a dissertation that is nominated for Best PhD Thesis.

Jeff Sawalha (2021; 2022)

... my (co-supervised) PhD student Jeff Sawalha won the “Best Video Presentation” award at the recent Canadian Symposium for Computational Neuroscience (organized by Campus Alberta Neuroscience) for his presentation:    “Predicting pediatric anxiety from the temporal pole using neural responses to emotional faces”  

YouTube video   (actual paper )

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